Imagine knowing to do the next right thing...


I'm Nissa 


An Astrologer, Cosmologist , Transformational Coach and a Spiritual Entertainer passionate to bridge the gap between you and your destiny.


I'm susceptible to stars in the sky and an incurable romantic with the Universe and our place in the Grand Design.


I believe Self-Mastery is the only game in life and I'm devoted to get you insights to the unraveling dance of your Fate and Freewill.



"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?."

- Thank you, Mary Oliver -

So, What Is Astrology?

 A divine lens and a language

by which we are TIME having a HUMAN experience. 

It's not about whether or not you believe in Astrology. It's about whether your recognize that Astrology is ever present. Time exists with or without our belief systems: we live in time. Astrologers just have been jotting down cliches, archetypes and statistics that synchronize with the repeating signature movements in our Solar System for thousands of years.


To have a calendar is predictive Astrology.

To have an agenda is full on practice in Astrology.

To have Time is the testament to Astrology.

Q: "But Nissa! I'm a Gemini! What are you talking about?" 


A: Good. What you have found out is the location of where the Sun was in the sky, at the moment of your birth; the sign of Gemini. 


We are actually going to look at the whole sky above and how all the Luminaries, Planets, Asteroids, Axis points of Ecliptics and the Constellation are having mathematical dramas, which reflect below, into our physical realm.

"Philosophy written in the

Grand Book. The Universe."

- Galileo Galilei -

How is Astrology Useful?

It's about STRATEGY: Intentional allocation of your time and energy.

Time is infinite but our time here limited.

Get serious about your life fulfillment and what you are here to express. 

Let's begin to bridge the gap by getting Oracular Insights through Astrology.


To Bring You

Oracular Insights